Welcome to Moonlight Ink!  

This site is for the discriminating person looking for fine Design in Architecture, Art, and collectable Surfboards.  Browse thru these pages where you can view a portion of my works.  My Architecture is an actualization based on my preception and interpretations of the Client's desires.   My ancient Hawaiian surfboard replicas vary, some Koa Alaia and Olo surfboards, as well as the Hot Curl style planks.  These are available on a custom order basis, so contact me with your wants!  Click the Buy it Now button below to send me a retainer that will be start your order for my products or services and that fee will be applied to the final cost.  You can contact me via email at gregoryhalls@gmail.com  or calling/txt. to 407-222-9944.  I can ship the board to you almost overnight worldwide via Delta Air Cargo for a very reasonable rate.   You can also see even more photos in my facebook albums.


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