An original 1920" Duke...


Big surfboards made from a solid plank, faithfully following the dimensions and shape of the boards Duke Kahanamoku made in the early 1900-1935 days.  He introduced surfing to the mainland USA, Europe, and Australia.  The boards he made that still exist are National Treasures both here in the USA and in Australia.  The replicas available here are available by special order, and might take a while before you get yours, due to the limited availability of large planks available.

Prices for these big Duke boards start at $3750 + shipping via Delta Air Cargo, which is surprisingly economical for large items.


Joey Cabell and I with the "Flying V" replica I made at the Smithsonian National Luau in Washington DC, August 2015


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Meticulous handpainted Vultee Brothers logo copied from the original 100yr old surfboard.

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