8' Waikiki Alaia


These beautiful boards replicate the original board used by Duke and the Waikiki Beachboys in the roaring '20's!  It is created from a solid plank of beautiful, hand selected planks of Koa, Monkeypod, Redwood, Sugar Pine, and other exotic woods in the shape of the original boards.  

The 8' long DUKE is easy to fit for display in most homes, and is actually 7'-11" so that it can fit vertically under an eight feet high ceiling when standing up from the floor.  Larger boards are available at a special price.  Please see the 'BIG DUKE' page for more information.

As always, shipping worldwide via Delta Air Cargo to a major airport near you is available for a very economical rate.  

Please choose between an opaque or transparent roundel of Duke standing on Waikiki Beach!

Click on the images below to see a full size picture of the choices: